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Welcome to the Vertebrate Ecology and Evolution group
at the University of South Alabama

We are based in the Biology Department in the Life Science Building at the
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL (USA)

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Research in the Chiari lab focuses on vertebrate ecology and evolutionary biology. We use approaches and techniques from a diversity of fields, including field ecology, molecular ecology, evolution, genomics, and morphometrics. Two of the main research topics addressed by our work are:


1) the influence of ecological, environmental, functional, and genetic factors on morphological evolution within and among species of reptiles.


2) the response of organisms and communities to environmental disturbance due to human impacts (e.g., pollution, deforestation, climate change) and the factors underlying differential responses within and between populations.

March 2016: We have two new papers accepted for publication! One in Oecologia and one in Estuaries and Coasts. 

January 2016: Laura Lovett joined the group and Amber Simpson returned to work with us

October 2015: Our paper on the new species of Galapagos tortoise made the news. See press here, here, and here

August 2015: Emma Rhodes and Jessica Sappington joined the group

March 2015: Jared and Regis got the ASB award to attend the annual conference of the ASB

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