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If you are interested in doing a Postdoc with me, send me an email

Information for prospective undergraduate and graduate students:

If you are interested in joining the group, I suggest that you browse the group research page to get an idea of the research topics on which we are working. I also suggest that you read some of our publications and start thinking about research questions that you would like to address. We will shape and develop a project together, but it is helpful to have at least a general idea of potential study subjects that may interest you. I am open to accepting students working on different research topics, as long as these are carried out with an evolutionary perspective with a vertebrate as the study organism.

When specific research opportunities will become available, information will be provided on this page.

If you want to join the lab please send an email with your CV and a short letter of interest, including your research experience, your research interests and why you would like to work with me at (remove the spaces): yleniachiari at southalabama. edu

Training, mentoring, and research philosophy

My Lab and research philosophy can be summarized with these four words: commitment, collaboration, responsibility, and critical thinking.


In my Lab, we work as a group, meaning that I believe in collaboration, mutual help, and support. I do not consider people working in my group as working for me, but as working with me. I love being a scientist because of the way the scientific process works. Discoveries are often the result of different minds and expertise coming together. Because of this, I collaborate with people with similar as well as very different research interests and backgrounds. I encourage people working with me to take advantage of my network of collaborators but also to develop their own. Furthermore, I expect students to regularly interact with me and with the other lab members and to develop the capacity to discuss science together.


I foster personal research interests, and as much as possible, I will do my best to help students to develop research projects of mutual interest. This includes brainstorming together about a potential project, helping with seeking funds to support the work if necessary, and finding potential collaborators if needed.


I strongly believe in mentoring and I invest enormously in people working with me. Because of this, I tend to not accept just anyone who contacts me, but rather I select the people that I would like to have in my group and I try to keep the number of lab members relatively small. I will do my best to help students to develop their personal scientific skills, to be creative, to be able to engage in active scientific discussion, to think analytically, and to build a solid scientific background. Because of my commitment, I expect students working with me to also be committed, interested, collaborative, respectful, and responsible. This includes participating in regular lab meetings, learning how to be independent, but also when to seek help from others.

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